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RetroShoot Wins Daily Best!

2009-04-13 12:50:53 by JGOware

RetroShoot Wins Daily Best! Wow! And I mean a huge WOW! Thank you to all the fans of the game and thanks to Newgrounds as well for making this happen. This is my 2nd game on Newgrounds and my first Flash shooter and I am so stoked for this award! :)

I had a blast coding the game, and actually during development I was like "is this a game, is anyone going to like this?". lol.. Again, thank you so much for checking out the game!

Seriously, this is so cool, this just frickin made my day! :) You peeps rock!!!


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2009-04-13 12:54:29

Congratulations on making such an awesome game! Were you inspired by Geometry Wars?


2009-04-13 13:02:45

You deserve it, it was a a well made game.
Love the particle effects.


2009-04-13 13:09:22

Congrats to you, I hope you make a sequal.


2009-04-13 13:58:07

I expected it to be dumb but it was actually not bad.
And Geometry Wars isn't retro, it's Retro Evolved.

And don't make a sequel.


2009-04-13 15:46:04

The game is awesome, But I have a sugesstion. The option to disable the auto-fire and make the shooting click-fire. I'd like it better that way.

Awesome game though. ;)