RetroShoot not loading for you?

2009-04-13 19:43:10 by JGOware

Hi - Sorry that the game doesn't load for some peeps. Could you please download the latest version of the flash player and see if it works then? Thanks!

Download Latest Flash Player

Also, if possible, please PM me here and let me know exactly what happens during the load when you can't play. How far does it get? Does it get past the initial ad? Does it get to the "JGOware Family Friendly" screen?

Thanks for checking out the game, and I'm very sorry that it doesn't work for some people. :(


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2009-04-13 20:09:33

RetroShoot is awesome!


2009-04-13 22:49:14

I love you.


2009-04-13 22:52:29

Yeah, I'm not sure exactly what's stopping this from working. I right-clicked and play was checked off, and it seems that after the game loads to 100%, it gets stuck on the next screen and won't progress, I have a screenshot of where it gets stuck, but I can't really put it here. I'm sure the game is great though, just a shame it isn't worrking for me.


2009-04-13 22:53:06

I tried to play this on a computer where the Flash version is 9.x and I can't upgrade. I get to the title screen and there's no way to get past it. There's no buttons and clicking or using the keyboard does nothing.
Hope that helps!


2009-04-15 09:05:02

I waited for the the loading bar thing to fill up and then it went to a screen saying retroshoot with a moon and stuff and nothing else happened :(


2009-04-15 11:30:44

The game wont work for me, it loads 100% and then I skip the ad or watch it fully then it just goes to a screen saying RetroShoot, at that point nothing happens.