RetroShoot Update 04/17

2009-04-17 14:21:41 by JGOware

Hi RetroPeeps!

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. The first thing I've been trying to do is get that nasty bug nailed where the game doesn't work for some peeps. I think I've taken care of that. I just uploaded an update and after NewGrounds approves it, it will be available. Sometime today or tomorrow I think?

Don't forget, you need the latest Flash Player 10 to play the game.

C ya!


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2009-04-18 02:53:14

You know, RetroShoot is really a great game, but could you by any chance submit the music you used on it to Newgrounds? You see, it's AWESOME music. If not, could you transfer it to me another way?

Great game man. I'm playing this quite often now. Also, if you could transfer to song to me, could you pherhaps transfer a copy of the game along with the song?


2009-04-18 04:35:48

It doesn't work for me.Fix it soon.

JGOware responds:

Hi, please try again sometime late Sat or Sunday. I think Newgrounds still hasn't updated it. Thanks!


2009-04-19 03:19:39

can u tell me what the song is or submit it please thank u


2009-04-21 05:46:32

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