Waz up peeps? Check out Ballies and other dev stuff.

2009-05-27 04:07:45 by JGOware

You peeps get a chance to check out Ballies yet? If not, check it out here. Ballies is a kind of color matching, avoider, game. Simple but deviously addictive. Thanks for all the good (and not so good) reviews! I appreciate the feedback very much. I may not have time to respond, but I do read all of them. :)

If you get a chance, head on over to King.com to play some of the best games on the web. They have a very cool gaming system set up. They sponsored Ballies and I have to say they have ended up being the nicest peeps to work with. :)

So, what am I working on next? I've got a cool little shooter called "TankVsBugs" up next. I'm trying to get an artist on board to animate the bugs, but even without animated bugs (I do some real time fx to give them some animation at least.) the game looks awesome. Doing lots of optimizations to keep the game somewhat lag free. But you know what? The heck with that, I'm going to throw hundreds of bugs at the player, tons of explosions, lots of weapons to pick up and use, some big *** bugs, etc, etc. I can safely say the game is going to be my best shooter to date. Some peeps complain that my shooters are too easy and don't have enough skill factor. I say so what...sometimes you just want to kick back and shoot stuff up. And "TakeVsBugs" will 100% deliver the goods. oh yah...

New Trek Movie? I thought it was excellent.
New Terminator Movie? Not bad, Bale is just so un emotional it's hard to get into his role.
Looking forward to "Drag Me To Hell". Love the horror flicks!

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Take care!


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2009-05-27 10:52:22

Ballies was good, so was that Geometry Wars game you made!