Launch Some Fireworks Peeps!

2009-07-04 10:01:09 by JGOware

Happy July 4th! First off I just want to give a huge shout out to P-Bot and Newgrounds for pushing NG Fireworks on the front page. It recieved 2nd daily best! woo hoo!!

If you havn't checked it out yet, click here to fire up some July 4th fireworks!

Thank you to all of the peeps that checked out the app and had (are having) some fun with it. I greatly appreciate the nice comments and feedback!

If you have a powerfull enough computer, try running it in full screen and turn the audio up! :)

I live out in the country in Texas, and tonight it's going to look like a war zone because every one is allowed to shoot off their own fireworks. :) lol..

Have a safe Holiday weekend!


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2009-07-04 10:13:50

psst... fire the missiles...



2009-07-04 10:15:56

i checkeded app was it was seeing real fireworks and my brithdays in 4th july(today)


2009-07-04 14:23:06

my place has too many trees but we light then any way 0_0