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RetroShoot360 is here!

2010-02-18 12:32:48 by JGOware

If you havn't checked it out, play it here: Linky

This is the sequel to the first RetroShoot, and on a personal level I'm very happy with how it came out. The game is extremly challenging on some levels. So if you're looking for a shooter that you can just play through this isn't it. I think only those players that really dig in and put in some time are going to finish the game.

Mouse Controlled:
The game is 100% mouse controlled which I think adds to the challenge of the game. Sure I could have made it behave like 100's of other shooters (added keyboard control, etc) but then surely there would have been comments like "eh..plays just xxxxxx". ;)

For those who think the game is too hard or the control is too hard, thanks for at least giving the game a go. ;) For those who appreciate a good challenge and stick with it, I think you'll be rewarded with a fun gaming experience and perhaps see a few things that might make you laugh or go "wtf?" along the way. :)

Thanks for checking out the game, I greatly appreciate it!
- Dave

RetroShoot360 is here!


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2010-02-18 12:36:32

Absolutely mental mate, this is great fun! Keep them coming until you reach a million degrees!


2010-02-18 17:00:30

It's under-rated so far, hopefully the score will go up :D


2010-02-21 15:07:54

At the risk of sounding like a dick, the score is low because Newgrounds already has a plethora of Geometry Wars clones.


2011-11-11 09:49:10

ya sux!!