RetroShoot360 is here!

2010-02-18 12:32:48 by JGOware

If you havn't checked it out, play it here: Linky

This is the sequel to the first RetroShoot, and on a personal level I'm very happy with how it came out. The game is extremly challenging on some levels. So if you're looking for a shooter that you can just play through this isn't it. I think only those players that really dig in and put in some time are going to finish the game.

Mouse Controlled:
The game is 100% mouse controlled which I think adds to the challenge of the game. Sure I could have made it behave like 100's of other shooters (added keyboard control, etc) but then surely there would have been comments like "eh..plays just xxxxxx". ;)

For those who think the game is too hard or the control is too hard, thanks for at least giving the game a go. ;) For those who appreciate a good challenge and stick with it, I think you'll be rewarded with a fun gaming experience and perhaps see a few things that might make you laugh or go "wtf?" along the way. :)

Thanks for checking out the game, I greatly appreciate it!
- Dave

RetroShoot360 is here!

Hi! - Finally finished up PixelBlast! This is something I started way back after I finished RetroShoot but never had time to finish it till recently. I wanted to code something in a "arena" style shooter but kept the same easy to play format which means mouse only play.

Check out PixelBlast here!

Yah, it can be a little confusing at first because you auto shoot towards the center and then click the mouse button to strafe, and then click again to go back to auto center. But after a few levels it all makes sense. :)

I had fun coding the particle explosions and fx. I personally think it's fun as hell to play this game. The upper levels are very hard, only the best players will make it to the final boss.

By the way, if you make it to level 15 you can unlock the bonus game "RetroBreakout". This is basically a-whole-nother game included with PixelBlast. Mixes the retro look of PixelBlast with the particle explosions, etc, and adds it to the classic Arkanoid/Breakout genre. ;)

Have a great day!

PixelBlast! Released -  Check it out!

Launch Some Fireworks Peeps!

2009-07-04 10:01:09 by JGOware

Happy July 4th! First off I just want to give a huge shout out to P-Bot and Newgrounds for pushing NG Fireworks on the front page. It recieved 2nd daily best! woo hoo!!

If you havn't checked it out yet, click here to fire up some July 4th fireworks!

Thank you to all of the peeps that checked out the app and had (are having) some fun with it. I greatly appreciate the nice comments and feedback!

If you have a powerfull enough computer, try running it in full screen and turn the audio up! :)

I live out in the country in Texas, and tonight it's going to look like a war zone because every one is allowed to shoot off their own fireworks. :) lol..

Have a safe Holiday weekend!

Waz up peeps? Check out Ballies and other dev stuff.

2009-05-27 04:07:45 by JGOware

You peeps get a chance to check out Ballies yet? If not, check it out here. Ballies is a kind of color matching, avoider, game. Simple but deviously addictive. Thanks for all the good (and not so good) reviews! I appreciate the feedback very much. I may not have time to respond, but I do read all of them. :)

If you get a chance, head on over to to play some of the best games on the web. They have a very cool gaming system set up. They sponsored Ballies and I have to say they have ended up being the nicest peeps to work with. :)

So, what am I working on next? I've got a cool little shooter called "TankVsBugs" up next. I'm trying to get an artist on board to animate the bugs, but even without animated bugs (I do some real time fx to give them some animation at least.) the game looks awesome. Doing lots of optimizations to keep the game somewhat lag free. But you know what? The heck with that, I'm going to throw hundreds of bugs at the player, tons of explosions, lots of weapons to pick up and use, some big *** bugs, etc, etc. I can safely say the game is going to be my best shooter to date. Some peeps complain that my shooters are too easy and don't have enough skill factor. I say so what...sometimes you just want to kick back and shoot stuff up. And "TakeVsBugs" will 100% deliver the goods. oh yah...

New Trek Movie? I thought it was excellent.
New Terminator Movie? Not bad, Bale is just so un emotional it's hard to get into his role.
Looking forward to "Drag Me To Hell". Love the horror flicks!

Follow me on Twitter and get early screenshots, news of my games.

Take care!

RetroShoot Update 04/17

2009-04-17 14:21:41 by JGOware

Hi RetroPeeps!

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. The first thing I've been trying to do is get that nasty bug nailed where the game doesn't work for some peeps. I think I've taken care of that. I just uploaded an update and after NewGrounds approves it, it will be available. Sometime today or tomorrow I think?

Don't forget, you need the latest Flash Player 10 to play the game.

C ya!

RetroShoot Update!

2009-04-15 15:21:04 by JGOware

I just uploaded a small update to RetroShoot which addresses 2 important things.

1) Music - You can now press "M" to toggle music off/on.

2) The mysterious error that causes the game to not work should be fixed! :)

The game might take a while before Newgrounds releases the update, but it should be live soon!

RetroShoot not loading for you?

2009-04-13 19:43:10 by JGOware

Hi - Sorry that the game doesn't load for some peeps. Could you please download the latest version of the flash player and see if it works then? Thanks!

Download Latest Flash Player

Also, if possible, please PM me here and let me know exactly what happens during the load when you can't play. How far does it get? Does it get past the initial ad? Does it get to the "JGOware Family Friendly" screen?

Thanks for checking out the game, and I'm very sorry that it doesn't work for some people. :(

RetroShoot Wins Daily Best!

2009-04-13 12:50:53 by JGOware

RetroShoot Wins Daily Best! Wow! And I mean a huge WOW! Thank you to all the fans of the game and thanks to Newgrounds as well for making this happen. This is my 2nd game on Newgrounds and my first Flash shooter and I am so stoked for this award! :)

I had a blast coding the game, and actually during development I was like "is this a game, is anyone going to like this?". lol.. Again, thank you so much for checking out the game!

Seriously, this is so cool, this just frickin made my day! :) You peeps rock!!!